Lincoln features a lineup of vehicles that makes it easy to find a vehicle with the features you want and the practicality you need. Our team at Star Lincoln can make your search easier by working with you and breaking down each vehicle by size and features.

Lincoln's lineup of vehicles starts with the MKZ. The MKZ is a midsize luxury sedan, and it is the smallest vehicle that Lincoln offers. Next up is the flagship Continental full-size luxury sedan. The Continental is designed to provide a rich experience and has more than enough seating room for all passengers to get comfortable. The MKZ has a bit of a sporty character to it, while the Continental is purely focused on being as luxurious as possible.

The Corsair is the first and smallest SUV that Lincoln offers, but it still provides you with an upright seating position that gives you a great view of your surroundings. The Nautilus is a small luxury crossover that strikes a great balance between passenger space and exterior dimensions. This balance makes the Nautilus comfortable for all your friends and family when you are driving them around Glendale, CA. The Aviator is Lincoln's midsize luxury SUV, and it can seat up to seven passengers. The Aviator aims to contend with some of the most luxurious midsize SUVs on the market, so it has been adorned with the unique materials and the latest technology.

The largest vehicle that Lincoln offers is the legendary Navigator full-size luxury SUV. The Lincoln Navigator has built a reputation for being one of the most capable and luxurious full-size SUVs for decades. Lincoln has continued this tradition of excellence with the newest rendition of the Navigator, as it features many features you only expect to find on the finest luxury vehicles. The Navigator has always been a great vehicle to cruise around Glendale, CA in, and the current generation is no different. It features a spacious cabin that acts as an isolation chamber from the elements of the outdoors. It even has features that help to take the tedium out of driving so that you can arrive at your destination feeling invigorated.

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